My Yellow Gold Preference

Unlike most of my friends, I don’t invest in gold jewelries. It could be because I have my hard-earned money go directly to my savings account and my family’s basic needs. Instead of real jewelries, I just spend on accessories and some fancy jewelries made from inexpensive metals like Silver and Tungsten. I find them perfect for every day use. They also give me peace of mind as there’s a very slim chance they would get snatched by robbers while I’m out on the streets. Haha.

If there’s someone in our family who likes investing in gold jewelries, it would be my mom. I remember when I was younger, she used to own several pieces of gold jewelries. Unfortunately, she was not able to keep them because they had been pawned one by one and never got redeemed. This was during my college years when our family went through a lot of hard times.

Just because I don’t invest in gold jewelries at present doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them. I actually prefer yellow gold when it comes to gold jewelries. Nothing beats yellow gold for me, especially when I am to wear it in formal occasions. Wanna know why?

Yellow Gold PROS
-more exquisite than white gold and rose gold
-doesnโ€™t need to be re-plated
-allergic reactions to yellow gold are low
-ideal for people with warm skin tones (Asians)
-goes well with glitzy and fashionable looks

Yellow Gold CONS

-softer than white gold and rose gold
-more vulnerable to scratches and marks than white gold and rose gold
-less preferred than white gold at present

Definitely, I go for style, not fashion. Whatโ€™s trendy today could be outdated tomorrow, anyway. No offense to people who prefer white gold or rose gold over yellow gold. I still believe choosing jewelries is a personal choice. Iโ€™m just thankful that the boyfriend heeded my hint for a yellow gold engagement ring. When he popped the question to me and I saw the diamond engagement ring in yellow gold he was holding, I knew the only answer I could give him was a big, resounding yes. Haha.

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5 Replies to “My Yellow Gold Preference”

  1. I don’t invest in jewelry either, gold or any kind. It’s funny ‘coz I used to have several jewelry boxes full of jewelry that I don’t wear and didn’t buy. My grandma and aunts were the ones who are fond of them. I don’t think my mum owns any piece of jewelry at all. She’s worse than me. ๐Ÿ˜€

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