Lazy Thursday

My Thursdays are usually productive and fun. Today, though, things seem to be pretty normal. And slow. I have some work to do in the office but it’s not enough to keep me in a busy mode all day. So I tried to jumpstart my day by eating a hearty breakfast courtesy of the food vendors at the side of St. Jude Shrine. They put up a mini market there every Thursday because this day is known to be St. Jude Day and tons of devotees flock to the shrine to worship. Aside from food, they sell other stuff like clothing, porcelains, plastic wares, TV antennas, second hand mobile phones, home cell boosters, plants and even pets!

I had a turon (banana roll), a lumpiang prito (vegetable roll) and some kwek-kwek (a popular street food of quail eggs wrapped individually in an orange-y batter). I also got some mini-baguette sandwiches from the office pantry to complete my meal. I washed down everything with two glasses of water. After that, I opened my PC and started blogging finishing some office tasks.

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New San Miguel Beer Flavors: Apple and Lemon

During dinner one chilly night, the fiancee introduced me to the two new flavors of San Miguel Beer: lemon and apple. I am guessing these are their match to GSM’s Antonov Apple Vodka and Asia Brewery’s Tanduay Ice Alcomix (a new favorite of mine!) that are fairly new in the market.


Between the two, I like the San Miguel Beer Lemon Flavor more. It’s super light and easy to drink. The lemon flavor is just right, too. I like that it doesn’t overpower the distinctive malt flavor of the beer. With just 3% alcohol, this one won’t give anyone a hangover.

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I Want a Longchamp Le Pliage Arbre de Vie!

I really do. Staring at it for hours online just wouldn’t do. Saving a picture of it in my PC wouldn’t satiate my hunger for it, either. I need to have it. I need to get it for myself. As in now.

long champ
Photo taken from

It all started when I saw this Longchamp sale over at and saw this beautifully-designed Longchamp Le Pliage Arbre de Vie in navy blue, medium, short handle. I love, love, love its embroidered birds and silk screened tree. From $135, it’s now down to $108. Talk about big savings, huh!

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Why I Got Hooked on Amaya (The Epic Series)

GMA 7’s first epic series (epicserye) Amaya has been getting positive reviews lately so I decided to find out what the fuss was all about. I started by watching the first few episodes of Amaya via uploaded videos from Amaya, by the way, had its pilot episode last May 30 only. What can I say? I think Amaya has a good plot and an ensemble cast. I think I’m now hooked on it.

Amaya poster

Amaya is said to be GMA 7’s biggest production ever. It is an original story by Suzette Doctolero. Directed by Mac Alejandre, Amaya is a historical fiction. It is a tale of a girl, born a princess but fate turns her into a slave, and later on becomes the most powerful woman of her time. She rises to save her people from the hands of a ruthless male ruler in Central Visayas during the pre-Spanish colonial period (early 1500s). Did you know the production is aided by the expertise of two respected UP historians to make sure everything is accurate and relevant to the depicted time? Yes, from the language spoken to the costumes worn by the actors and the props used on the set.

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Plans for the Long Weekend

Seriously, I don’t have any. I am actually doing some work this long weekend. I might do some cooking here at home but right now, I just wanna rest. Tonight I have work at the restaurant and so I wanna relax a bit for now. Oh, there’s this new game I’m playing in my iPod Touch called Veggie Samurai and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s quite similar to Fruit Ninja except that the veggies can be diced and there are giant veggies showing up every now and then giving you a perfect 100 score if you are able to cut it into several slices quick. Unfortunately, I have yet to beat the 1,400+ high score courtesy of my younger sister. Bummer.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day! To make it a bit special for my Dad, I’m taking him to a nice restaurant that he hasn’t been to yet. I initially wanted to take the entire family to an outing at some nice resort in Cavite. I wanted all of us to swim in huge pools complete with swimming pool lifts and have fun all day. But I realized I had an upcoming beach trip in Zambales next week and I needed money for it. Maybe, next time. Haha.

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Review: Belkin Home Router

When we got a new desktop at home a few weeks ago, the need for internet connection and a wifi router presented itself right after. I knew my brother already had a lot on his hands so I volunteered to shoulder the internet subscription fees as well as the expenses for the wifi router. We got our internet connection from PLDT thru its myDSL Plan P990. For the wifi requirement, I got a basic Belkin home router.


Belkin is an American wifi brand. I got our Belkin home router from Octagon-SM Manila for P1,995 (approx. $48). Compared to the other wifi routers in the market, I found Belkin’s design more sleek and stylish. It was a bit bulky, but I didn’t mind. It was gray in color and came with a CD installer and a free Belkin mouse (worth P400) when I bought it.

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