Heavy Breakfast Ideas

As part of my serious efforts to lose weight, I have decided to eat heavy breakfast every morning. It’s been four days and I’m slowly getting used to the practice. My mom has been very cooperative in this. She happily prepares my “baon” and make sure I don’t forget taking them to the office for consumption. I so love her!

What do I usually have for breakfast? I’m not a picky eater so anything would do so long as it’s edible. I don’t even mind eating leftover food! My breakfasts in the past four days were mostly rice-viand combos. Whatever is left of last night’s dinner my mom would keep in the refrigerator for reheating the next day. That becomes my breakfast. I seldom eat dinner in the house because it’s either I eat at the fiancee’s place or eat out in the mall.

Aside from rice-viand combos, other good heavy breakfast ideas include sandwiches and fruits, pasta and bread, and pancakes+fruits+hot chocolate. Actually, the possibilities are endless.

Do you eat like a king during breakfast?

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2 Replies to “Heavy Breakfast Ideas”

  1. I have to eat a heavy breakfast because usually I don’t have enough money to spend on lunch/dinner. So if I don’t have a big breakfast of cold cuts (bacon, Spam, etc.) + bread, I’ll pretty much be starving all day.

    1. I can be like that sometimes. Haha. I notice that when I eat a lot during breakfast, I don’t get hungry easily. 🙂

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