Hassle-Free Travel

In our efforts to have a hassle-free out-of-country travel this October, we’re doing things right. Compared to those people working in the private sector, it’s harder for government employees like us as we have to secure travel clearance first. The requirements for the travel clearance in our office take time to complete. That’s why we’re working on them as early as now.

This is our first time to travel abroad so we’re taking extra caution. We can’t afford to get into trouble at the Immigration. I’ve heard enough of those horrible Immigration experiences, the most recent of them was the case of two Pinoy bloggers who were accused of being drug mules in Bali, Indonesia. Really scary. I hope and pray we have a safe trip.

Are you a safety freak when it comes to traveling? Any tips on what to bring and not when traveling out-of-country?

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