My Want List

I have this list of wants in an Excel file stored somewhere in my PC. Each want is either a long-time dream that I want to realize, a goal that I want to achieve, a skill that I want to learn, a task that I want to get done, an experience that I want to enjoy or just a material thing that I want to own. I open the list everyday and read each want aloud in my head. When a want has been gotten or accomplished, I put the exact date opposite it instead of crossing it out. As the days go by, more and more wants are added to the list. As time passes by, more and more wants are also getting realized.

I once read that when you think of something, and you start thinking about getting it, your subconscious mind somehow affects the universe (and everything in it) and eventually, they would conspire to make your wish or dream come true. I’d like to believe that it’s logical, just like how it is with the popular belief on “mind over matter.” But then of course, it’s never just that. As a person, we have to do our part to turn things into reality. As with my want list, I make sure to do my part by working hard to achieve each want. I guess, I still believe most in the Filipino saying, “Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga.”

Do you also have a want list?

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