Bus Tickets

When I was in college, buses were my favorite mode of transportation. I liked that they were cheap and accessible. Heavy traffic aside, they could bring me to my destination fast, safe and sound. The only thing I didn’t like about buses was when they would run out of seats and I’d have no choice but to ride on it standing on my two feet and competing for space (and fresh air!) with other desperate passengers. The situation was akin to canned sardines, except we were still alive and the fish weren’t.

It’s funny but I used to collect bus tickets in one of the pockets of my bag. I’d only remember to dispose them when they’d get too crowded inside. Whenever I was not in the mood to keep the bus tickets in my bag, I’d insert it into the gaps of the seats in front of me, a habit that has been acquired by Pinoy bus passengers over the years. A not-so-good practice, yes. But when a lot of people do it, it becomes somewhat acceptable. Haha. But still, I had never been proud of it and as much as possible, I’d try to keep my tickets in my bag.

I was totally sold on buses until I met the LRT. But that’s another story for a different time. 🙂

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