I’m a Vicenarian, and You?

Aging is inevitable, and so is death. This realization hit me again this morning while I was looking at my reflection in the mirror. Though I don’t have facial lines/wrinkles yet (at least none that are very visible to the naked eye), I know it’s just a matter of time for them to appear in full glory. But I’m never afraid. Actually, I’m even looking forward to it because with aging comes a steady supply of wisdom and a wealth of experience.

But this post isn’t really about aging nor death. I just suddenly became amused with this list of age terms by decade that I happened to discover online:

Denarian (Age 10 to 19)
Vicenarian (Age 20 to 29)
Tricenarian (Age 30 to 39)
Quadragenarian (Age 40 to 49)
Quinquagenarian (Age 50 to 59)
Sexagenarian (Age 60 to 69)
Septuagenarian (Age 70 to 79)
Octogenarian (Age 80 to 89)
Nonagenarian (Age 90 to 99)
Centenarian (Age 100 to 109)
Supercentenarian (Age 110 and older)

Now you know why I called myself a Vicenarian. If I could have it my way, I want to die an Octogenarian. I was born in October and Octogenarian seems to rhyme with it nicely. Yes, I’m shallow like that. Haha.

How about you, what is your current age term? 🙂

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