Taxi Service in Kuala Lumpur

During our one day tour to Singapore yesterday, we had a not so pleasant experience with the taxi service in KL, to and from the terminal of our chosen coach service. It may just be a coincidence but we felt the two taxi drivers we dealt with tried to take advantage of us by asking for higher than usual taxi fares. No big deal, though, because there are also taxis like that back in Manila and probably in other parts of the world.

I have found out that taxi rates in KL are a bit higher than in Manila. The flag down rate is RM3 for red taxis and RM6 for blue ones. You also pay an additional amount for every succeeding kilometer. The slight difference is that they have the so-called “midnight rates” wherein an additional amount is added to your fares when you ride during the wee hours of the morning.

If I could stay in KL without using a taxi, I would. Train fares here are way cheaper than taxi fares. Unfortunately, its my first time here and im not yet familiar with the roads. So, for destination that are not accessible via LRT, taxis should suffice for now.

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