Online Shopping at the New Multiply has recently upgraded its online shopping system and it seems everything’s doing fine. I said so because I shopped there last week. I didn’t really intend to shop I just wanted to browse items in the “marketplace.” But before I knew it, I was already paying for three accessories via Paypal. Haha.

If there’s one thing that needs to be improved on, though, I think it has to be the shopping monitoring system. After I paid for the three accessory items I got from two different merchants, I tried checking my account if it would reflect my purchases but found none. I also wanted to monitor the movement of my items but there was no provision for that. I dunno if they just haven’t gone to that part yet or my account isn’t only updated. But still, something’s amiss here.

To know when exactly I would receive my purchases, I had to contact the sellers directly (Eazy Fashion and Mauve). After I have received my purchases, my Order History is still not reflecting anything:


I hope that in the coming days, Multiply will realize all these things and do something to improve their services.

Have you tried shopping at the new Multiply marketplace? :)

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2 Responses to Online Shopping at the New Multiply

  1. Henry says:

    Multiply is a trusted website but this happened sometimes, maybe its best to contact their customer support line.

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