I Choose to be Happy

In life, there are many decisions to make. Usually, we are presented with two different choices, sometimes more. We normally decide based on what we think is right, good for us, or fair to all. Sometimes, we decide based on what our heart says. We decide on what makes us happy.

This year, I choose to be happy. I choose not to make grand plans for myself, career-wise and all. I will take everything slowly yet surely. Yeah, like one step at a time. I will not expect anything. I will just let myself do what it needs to do without sacrificing the quality of my life and my happiness and those of the people I love.

As I look at how the past year turned out for me, I can’t help but smile both at my successes and failures. Life is really like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get. But just like chocolates, whether it turns out bitter or sweet or a combination of both, let’s always be reminded that in this world, what matters most is not the kind of life you have, but how you live it and make the most of it.

This year, I choose to take control of my life and just be happy. 🙂

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