Investing on Luxury Furniture

Our Bacoor home, despite its small size, is slowly turning into a lovely dwelling for a small family like we have at present. Home improvement projects really do wonders to a home. As I’ve mentioned in my past blogs, our back extension, which we had improved recently, now serves as our kitchen. It’s tiny, but it has all the basics a homemaker wannabe like me needs.

my dream sofa (via)

For our next home improvement project, we plan to focus on our living room. If we’d have enough resources this year, we want to invest on luxury furniture. Not something overly expensive, though. We just want something sturdy and beautiful that would last us for years. It’s gonna be worth the money, right? Like one of those Marge carson sofas I saw online the other day. I can imagine it to be perfect for our tiny living room. Yes, our home furnishings have to be small for them to fit in our tiny living space.

Do you also invest on luxury furniture as a vital part of your home improvement projects? 🙂

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