23 Weeks Pregnant Belly

This is the first time I’m posting a picture of my pregnant belly on this blog. (I’m at 23 weeks today.) As much as I want to document each week, I can’t. My mom and my MIL are both against it (sort of a superstitious belief for them). But I thought one or two pictures won’t hurt, so I took this yesterday…


It’s quite big already, yes? When I was in the first trimester, I impatiently waited for my baby bump to start showing. Now I can’t even keep up as my pregnant belly grows bigger and bigger each day. Whenever I walk on the street on my way to work, people keep asking me how old my belly is or when my due date will be. It seems they, too, are excited for the arrival of the actual baby.

Well, I just hope my tummy manages the bump well and doesn’t explode. Just kidding. 🙂

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