Sunday Love

I love Sunday. It’s my second favorite day of the week, with Friday being my top favorite. Though Sundays signify the end of the week and serve as a reminder that a new work week is looming ahead, I still try to make the most of them.

During Sundays, the hubby and I hear mass first thing in the morning. From the church, we make a stop over at the community market to buy meat and other fresh produce for our lunch. Then we go straight home to spend the rest of the day there. Sometimes we hit the mall, but oftentimes we just stay home and do lots of fun and crazy stuff that make our Sunday happy and complete.

It’s Sunday today, so excuse me as I pretend to look for the best annuity rates online for possible investments. I just mentioned crazy stuff, right? Haha. As if I had the money to use in making more money… 🙂

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