My Wants, Then and Now

Prior to my pregnancy, I had so many things going on in my mind. You see, I just got married a few months ago. I had domestic skills but thought it wasn’t enough to please my husband when we’d start to finally live together under one roof. I wanted to be a good wife.

I also wanted things for myself, for my growth as a person. I wanted to get an MA degree or take up law. I wanted to get into sewing and other crafts. I even wanted to grow my entrepreneurial skills by putting up a retail shop and visiting for retail store fixtures. You know, things that a lot of women normally want for themselves.

But when I got pregnant, my priorities have changed. Right now, my focus is on my pregnancy and my impending motherhood. Other things may follow after that. I’m still young, anyway. At this moment, all I want is to make sure I’ll give birth to a healthy baby boy and be the best mom that I can be. And nobody has the right to question my decision. 🙂

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