The Wait for the iPhone 5

… is finally over. And so are the hubby’s sleepless nights awaiting for his new phone. He’s been very excited about it ever since it was first launched by Apple in September. This Friday is gonna be the day for him. What’s with men and gadgets? I don’t even want to answer that question.

Are you also getting an iPhone 5? If yes, from which network? What made you decide to get it instead of the other best-selling android phone in the market? You know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I heard it’s a good phone, too.

Personally, I’m biased to the brand made popular by the late Steve Jobs. iPhones are not just user-friendly but also boast of a highly-secure operating system. Who would refuse a phone like that, ayt? But then, every person is different. I’m just sharing my opinion on the matter. 🙂

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