Kindness Pays Off

For this year’s Christmas, we have decided to use a real tree instead of the traditional one. We were supposed to buy from my officemate who sells various kinds of plants on the side, but it seemed God had a different plan. I was gifted by the same officemate with a Christmas-decorated araucaria which now serves as our official Christmas tree at home.

I was surprised by the sweet gesture so I asked my officemate why he gave me such a beautiful and expensive tree. He said he just wanted to return the favor as I have been good to him ever since he could remember. He reminded me of the times when he needed help (financially and otherwise) and I didn’t hesitate to lend a hand. I replied he didn’t have to do it but thanked him still. His gift came in good timing and was very much appreciated.

So yeah, I think kindness pays off especially in times when you least expect it. 🙂

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