Company Outing at Matabungkay Beach Hotel

Yesterday was a fun-filled day for us as we had our summer outing at Matabungkay Beach Hotel in Lian, Batangas. I was with my fellow workers (and our respective families) from the restaurant where I work part-time.


Matabungkay looks old and rustic but is good enough for a day tour. That’s what I realized after our visit. Yes, we only had a day tour instead of the planned overnight stay because we were running on a limited budget. But still, nothing could stop us from spending the holiday at the beach!

While the adults enjoyed the clear sea, the children and children-at-heart frolicked in the swimming pool. When lunch time came, we enjoyed a buffet lunch which was included in our day tour package. There were healthy portion plates available but we chose the buffet for unlimited food. Who doesn’t want unlimited food, anyway, especially if it’s scorching hot outside? Haha.

I look forward to another summer outing next year with the same people. I bet it’s gonna be double the fun!

To know more about Matabungkay Beach Hotel, you might wanna read my Matabungkay Beach Hotel review. 🙂

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