First Event for 2014

At work, our first event for 2014 has just finished. It was attended by diplomats, politicians, businessmen, private citizens and some members of the media. This simple ceremony is held twice a year, January and June. For the one in January, it’s to welcome the new year. For the one in June, it’s to commemorate the Philippine Independence Day.

So yeah, you could find us here in the office organizing this event twice a year. The hardest part about our preparations is getting the answers of the invited guests. While many of them call to confirm their attendance, there are also those who wait for us to call them up or the formal invite to get to their office before deicing if they will attend or not. There are even some who choose to ignore our calls but have the gall to show up come event time.

Oh well, this is not to rant or anything. All I’m trying to say here is, I’m just glad this event is over. 🙂

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