Weekend Story: Christmas Shopping Here and There

Last weekend, the hubby and I continued with our Christmas shopping. Little purchases here and there in the past weekends and before we knew it, we were able to complete all we needed to buy for ourselves this Christmas, including our gifts for each other. As usual, family members wanted cash gifts instead of actual presents and so those were what they got. The good thing about this is I have a feeling we’ll have a stress-free holiday come December 25th. The sad thing about this is there’s no longer a Landmark Makati Christmas shopping with my girls to look forward to this month like in the past years. Sila rin naman kasi nagsipag-shopping na rin nung mga nakaraang linggo, kami rin nga yung magkakasama lol, kaya halos nabili na rin ang lahat ng kailangan nila.

The hubby and I drove home in Bacoor on Friday night along with my SIL Albie. Then we went out on Saturday afternoon to shop in Alabang while Albie commuted back to Manila because she wanted to spend the rest of the weekend with my PILs. We stayed in Bacoor until Sunday afternoon and met with my in-laws at night to have dinner and do more shopping at our fave mall, SM Manila, haha.

Below are some photos from our weekend:

chicken curry
my winner Singapore chicken curry for two (I used Asian Home Gourmet’s Singapore curry spice paste for this and it was the best!)

the hubby’s answered prayer of an all-occasion present which cost me an arm and a leg 😛

throw pillow covers
new throw pillow covers for our sofa

dinner at Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino SM Manila that has just had a transformation from a fast food dining place to a casual dining restaurant (we love their food!)

lechon sisig
this mildly-spiced lechon sisig at Casa Reyes was a delight in its own right

Have a fun and fruitful week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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4 Replies to “Weekend Story: Christmas Shopping Here and There”

    1. Thank you! Merry Christmas also, Jackie! Sa Rob Ermita dept store ko nabili ang throw pillow covers, andami magagandang prints dun! Kaso wala pa ako makita na cover for 30×30, meron kasi akong throw pillow na ganun kalaki, mukhang ipapasadya ko ata, haha. 🙂

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