Weekend Story: TAP Meet-up + Date with the Parentals

I dream of the time when I can date my siblings and parents once a week. Like on a regular basis. I don’t have a problem on that with my husband because we are together almost 24/7. I know that when we get old and gray, we’ll have all the time in the world to spend together.

I am happier when I get to spend time with family during weekends. Last weekend, for instance, the hubby and I got to be with our parents (all four of them) on Sunday. We had lunch with my parents and had dinner with his. Then we spent Saturday meeting up with his car club mates (from Team Accent Philippines) and staying in our Bacoor home. We even got to squeeze in a quick visit to Baclaran church to pray and light some candles before going back to Manila on Sunday night.

By the way, the venue of the car club meet up was the new branch of All Home in Kawit. The place was big with ample parking spaces. The traffic going there on a Saturday night was horrible, though. Good thing the food at the all-American cafe inside All Home was delish! Their pizza and chicken wings were the bomb! The cafe serves food items similar (in servings and prices) to those at S&R and Landers. I won’t mind going back there even if it would mean braving the heavy traffic which has been the new normal in that area for years now.

Below are some photos from our weekend:

TAP meet up
the hubby with his co-TAP members (I was the photog here, ha)

suman latik
Senyor Juan’s suman latik which we call suman sa lihiya in the province; these were good but we’ve eaten better ones)

my silly mother showing off the hubby’s advanced Christmas gifts to my father, haha

baclaran church
Baclaran Church last Sunday night

date with PILs
dinner with my PILs minus the hubby whose tummy suddenly acted up (he’s okay now)

How did your weekend go, friends? 🙂

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4 Replies to “Weekend Story: TAP Meet-up + Date with the Parentals”

    1. Ako rin! Actually, mahilig talaga ako sa mga kakanin, suman, puto, at iba pang meryendang Pinoy. Sa probinsya kasi namin, yun yung mga madalas kinakain ko. Likas din talaga na mahilig ako kumain, hahaha.

      Thank you daw sabi ni Mame, feel na feel ang papuri, haha. 🙂

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