Weekend Story: Catching Up, Cozying Up

Last weekend was a great time to rest and relax. We went out to brave the heavy traffic on Friday night, though, and traveled all the way to Alabang from Manila to eat delicious ramen with friends. Ramen Yushoken made me eat pork! I just couldn’t resist their tantanmen and gyoza. Sinulit ko na ang cheat day ko, hahaha. The rest of the weekend, the hubby and I were just cozying up together in the bed tinkering with our phones because it was the next best thing to do aside from doing nothing. We only went out to hear the mass and go to the wet market on Sunday before driving back to Manila in the afternoon that same day.

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Weekend Story: Alabang Stroll with Friends

Somehow, I felt that last weekend was kinda short (bitin in Filipino slang). On Saturday night, the hubby and I along with our two good friends Nice and Melay drove to Alabang for a stroll before going home in Bacoor.

with my girl friends

First, we dropped by Alabang Town Center (ATC) to have my phone battery replaced. It was free of charge because the battery was part of a batch being recalled for safety-related defects. We got my phone back the next day (kudos to the Switch team for the fast service!).

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Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary Celebration

It was a last-minute plan but I was so glad it pushed through. For our second wedding anniversary celebration, we had a staycation at Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang. It was a newly-opened hotel, well-managed and beautiful in every aspect. We just had an overnight stay there but we enjoyed every minute of it. We checked into the hotel on Sunday and left the place Monday noon.

If you’re also planning for a staycation, the hotel is highly recommended. I heard their rooms are discounted until April 2014.

Here are some photos we took of our simple celebration:

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