Weekend Story: Drive to Alabang + Promotion Dinner Treat

Have you tried dining out lately? We have on a few occasions, the most recent one was last Saturday at Ramen Yushoken because we were craving for ramen and not just any ramen but their very own tantanmen. So, the hubby and I drove to Alabang to eat tantanmen and run some errand for my side of the family. We were not surprised at all that Ramen Yushoken still had a queue outside despite the threats of the virus. We waited for a good 40 minutes before we got seated. We were extra careful, of course. It was a quick but very satisfying lunch. On Sunday, my brother Dan treated the family to dinner because he has recently been promoted at work. We had KFC and Jollibee (two of the fastfood brands we patronize). We capped off our dinner with the desserts (i.e. cheesecake cups and cookies) he ordered from his enterprising friends.

The rest of the weekend was spent with our baby NJ whom we love to pieces!

Here are some photos from our fun weekend:

hangry and trying not to look it 😛

Ramen Yushoken’s glorious tantanmen (parang nagutom ulit ako, waaaah!)

one of the reasons why I’m finding it hard to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight, haha

these ube cheese pandesals are the bomb! so cheap (PHP100 for a pack of 10 pcs.) yet so yummy!

sinful cheesecake cups

three kinds of delightful cookies: choco chip, double choco chip, and choco crinkles

filtered cutie 😉

Have a beautiful week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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