Weekend Story: Alabang Stroll with Friends

Somehow, I felt that last weekend was kinda short (bitin in Filipino slang). On Saturday night, the hubby and I along with our two good friends Nice and Melay drove to Alabang for a stroll before going home in Bacoor.

with my girl friends

First, we dropped by Alabang Town Center (ATC) to have my phone battery replaced. It was free of charge because the battery was part of a batch being recalled for safety-related defects. We got my phone back the next day (kudos to the Switch team for the fast service!).

When it was time for dinner, the hubby suggested we go back at Ramen Yushoken in Molito with our two ramen virgin friends and they happily obliged. As expected, there was a long queue but we didn’t mind. We got seated faster this time (only after 10 minutes!), so yay to us. It was a very satisfying dinner of our fave Tantan-men, Gyoza and Chahan.

happy and satisfied diners

Ramen Yushoken’s Chahan was a meal on its own, and so yummy!

Melay and Nice, ramen virgins no more!

We capped off our Japanese dinner with Korean ice cream! (There’s this Korean grocery in Molito that sells them in various flavors, shapes and sizes.) It’s not every day that my Superf Nice gets to treat us so we took advantage of the opportunity by getting not one but two ice cream cones each. Haha.

To burn some calories, we took a leisurely walk around the huge Molito complex.


Melay ended up sleeping over at home while Nice intentionally didn’t join us because she couldn’t bear the thought of her mom staying alone in their house. Next time na lang daw.

As expected from going home late, we also woke up late on Sunday. After breakfast and lunch and watching the Pacquiao-Algieri boxing fight (which was a victory for our pambansang kamao!), we went back to ATC at 5pm-ish to retrieve my phone. Traversing the South Super Highway on a Sunday night was a breeze. We reached Manila early and still had some time to relax and prepare our things for a new workweek.

As much as I wanted to prolong the weekend, I couldn’t. So I guess I’ll just greet you today with “Happy Monday, friends!” 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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    1. Pag nagawi kayo sa Alabang, pasyal kayo dyan. Maganda at maluwang, di ko pa nga naikot lahat eh. Yes, the best yang ramen na yan. I highly recommend it! 🙂

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