Impromptu Date with My Girls

Last night was fun. My sisters Nyam and Jodie invited me out of the blue to go malling. They also instructed me to bring our Mame along. The mall of choice was SM Manila due to its close proximity to our place. We met at our usual meeting place — in front of Kanzhu restaurant.

Mame and I met up with Nyam first. While waiting for Jodie to arrive, we people-watched and chatted to our heart’s content. Our topics of conversation went from money and shopping to Hollywood and musical instruments. Are you familiar with electronic drums? I’m not. I only know about the normal drums drummers strike to produce a selection of sounds. But if you’re curious, see MF and find out about them. Anyway, we only stopped chatting when we saw Jodie walking towards us.

My three companions shopped for shoes. As for me, I just stared at the pairs upon pairs of lovely shoes neatly displayed on the shoe racks of Payless. Believe me, I almost forgot I was on a shopping fast! Good thing my Mame kept on reminding me about it. She said I should never give in to temptation because my self-imposed shopping challenge is ending in five days. Okay, fine. Haha.


After dinner at Sbarro (it was Mame’s first time there and she liked the food so yay to me who suggested that we eat there!), I thought we were already going home. But then my sister Nyam still wanted to check out SM department store to shop for more shoes. (She was able to get two more pairs.) We ended up staying there until the mall’s closing time and got home at almost 10pm.

Our impromptu date made me a bit tired but I sure had fun. Spending time with our family and creating happy memories with them are always a worthwhile activity, right? 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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12 Replies to “Impromptu Date with My Girls”

  1. Buti your Mame was there to remind you of your shopping fast no?! Hehe. It was indeed one of those happy days of being a family talaga. Yung mag de date ng ganyan tapos chikahan galore lang. =)

  2. oh, i love sbarro! ang sarap talaga ng pizzas ang pastas nila dyan! Medyo pricey pero masarap naman din kasi talaga. Mukhang sulit na sulit yung impromptu gala nyo a,ang sakit sa paa nyan! hehehe!

    uy, malapit na sya matapos dun sa goal nya, ilabas na ang banderitas! yoohoo! Congrats in advance Edel! =)

    1. Minsan minsan lang kami kasi medyo mahal nga. Pero true, masarap talaga food nila! Salamat, Joy, malapit na nga sobrang excited na akong magSunday! 🙂

  3. SM Manila was our default mall before because I studied in PLM. I went back last Saturday since my husband was renewing his driver’s license, and I was so surprised that there are a lot of new restaurants that I have yet to try! 🙂 Nung college, umay na umay kami sa KFC, Wendy’s at Tokyo Tokyo! :p

    1. Hahaha, yep madami na new restos! Madami pa nga kami hindi na-try kaya sabi ng mga kapatid ko wag daw kami paulit ulit sa Jollibee at sa Hap Chan. 🙂

  4. I really don’t think I will ever be as disciplined as you, Edel! Had I been in your shoes, nakabili na talaga ako ng at least one pair (with the excuse na ipang-reregalo for Christmas). At least malapit na matapos ang shopping fast! Congrats! 😀

    1. Waaaaah, this Sunday na yun! Malakas lang din siguro mang-impluwensya ang nanay ko kaya nakaresist ako sa temptation. Inisip ko na lang din, may balak naman ako mamili ng ilang gamit as gift to myself this Christmas. 🙂

  5. Is this in SM Manila? Alam mo napapadalas ako dito because my workplace is near. Mga 10 kembot lang. Baka nga nagkasalubong or nagkasabay na tayo minsan, d lang natin alam. 🙂

    1. Yes, SM Manila. Hindi pa tayo nagkakasalubong kasi tinandaan ko na face mo, para if ever I’d bump into you I’ll say hi. 🙂

    1. Kayo rin naman ng mama mo ah, may weekly date sa MM. Ang kaibahan lang natin, may mga kapatid ako babae, ikaw solong anak na girl. Hehe. 🙂

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