Review: Keratin Lash Lift at Edwin Lisa Eyebrow Embroidery – SM Manila

Last June 12th, I accompanied my sister Jodie to Edwin Lisa Eyebrow Embroidery at SM Manila for a beauty procedure. She specifically wanted to get Keratin Lash Lift that promises to give her dull eye lashes a polished look. It was a holiday (read: Philippine Independence Day) and she felt it was the perfect day to take control of her eye lash situation. Haha. The results of the treatment were amazing! She went home a very satisfied customer and looked forward to going to work the next day. And what do you know! She received lots of compliments from her officemates (and even clients!) at the bank because it looked like she woke up with camera-ready eye lashes!

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Weekend Story: Fun with the Gang (a.k.a. Family)

Last weekend was all about the gang, also known as my family. I always have fun with them around, especially Mame who is effortlessly funny. Cliché as it sounds but I look forward to spending time with my family, no matter how short that time is. Our family is far from perfect, but we work things out and the love is always there. I’m also glad that the hubby gets along with them, sometimes even better than I do. Haha.

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Impromptu Date with My Girls

Last night was fun. My sisters Nyam and Jodie invited me out of the blue to go malling. They also instructed me to bring our Mame along. The mall of choice was SM Manila due to its close proximity to our place. We met at our usual meeting place — in front of Kanzhu restaurant.

Mame and I met up with Nyam first. While waiting for Jodie to arrive, we people-watched and chatted to our heart’s content. Our topics of conversation went from money and shopping to Hollywood and musical instruments. Are you familiar with electronic drums? I’m not. I only know about the normal drums drummers strike to produce a selection of sounds. But if you’re curious, see MF and find out about them. Anyway, we only stopped chatting when we saw Jodie walking towards us.

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Movie Review: Man of Steel (2013)

Last night, I watched Man of Steel at SM Manila. I was with the hubby, my mom and my sister Jodie. One word to describe it: awesome. The visual effects were astounding and it didn’t hurt that the lead star, Henry Cavill, was super duper hot! I love him already.


Directed by Zack Snyder, Man of Steel is a 2013 American superhero film. It’s actually the newest Superman movie with a twist. I liked how they made it look futuristic and contemporary at the same time. The crucial flashback scenes blended well with the story. The action scenes were nicely-choreographed I couldn’t blink my eyes for fear that I’d miss a moment. Haha.

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Good Job

Last weekend was a blast. It was fun and productive for me. On Saturday, I got to work and earn some money from my part-time work. I also finished some errands with the help of the fiancee. My achievement for the day? I was able to eat in moderation despite all the food temptations that surrounded me. Plus points for my weight loss efforts!

On Sunday, I spent the morning with the fiancee and his mom traveling to Cavite to check out his house. We were joined by two home builders which he had summoned to discuss some home improvement projects with. They agreed to push thru five projects first then the rest would follow after more funds get generated.

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