Good Job

Last weekend was a blast. It was fun and productive for me. On Saturday, I got to work and earn some money from my part-time work. I also finished some errands with the help of the fiancee. My achievement for the day? I was able to eat in moderation despite all the food temptations that surrounded me. Plus points for my weight loss efforts!

On Sunday, I spent the morning with the fiancee and his mom traveling to Cavite to check out his house. We were joined by two home builders which he had summoned to discuss some home improvement projects with. They agreed to push thru five projects first then the rest would follow after more funds get generated.

In the afternoon, I went to work again and earned more money. I accompanied my younger sister to the 3-day sale at SM Manila and had dinner at KFC (I now love their spaghetti and crave for it at times!). She bought a new pair of shoes for school. I was happy that the sale didn’t interest me much, it must be because I kept reminding myself about the shopping ban I imposed upon myself on September 1. Haha.

When I got home, I cleaned up my closet a bit and watch two movies in one sitting (The Fifth Element and 13 Assassins). I wanted to watch one more but my sleepy eyes couldn’t take it any more.

Good job, Edel. If the coming weekends will be as good as last weekend has been, you’re gonna have a very fulfilling year this 2011.

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