Weekend Story: S&R, Tagaytay, and My Farm House Dream

Last weekend, the hubby and I were joined by Mame and our balikbayan relative Ate Laura in Bacoor. We drove to our house on Saturday morning with a stop over at S&R Baclaran for a quick lunch and eventually, some grocery shopping. On Sunday, we woke up early to hear the morning mass and make a surprise visit to my uncle in Dasmariñas. Then we went up to Tagaytay and Alfonso. In Tagaytay, we took Ate Laura to Mushroomburger for snacks because she’s a health buff, haha. (Next time, we’ll take her to Sonya’s Garden!) In Alfonso, we checked out The Gingerbread House and visited this foreclosed property that I have recently spotted on the website of a local bank. Naisip ko lang kasi baka kayanin ko nang tuparin ang farm house dream ko, chos!

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Weekend Story: More Bonding Time with My In-Laws

Last weekend was spent with my in-laws in Bacoor. We arrived there on Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon also. On our way to Bacoor, we stopped at S&R to have a late lunch and buy some supplies. We heard mass on Sunday morning. During the rest of the weekend, we were just lazing around, marathoning movies and TV series, eating a balance mix of junk food and home-cooked meals prepared by my MIL, and getting lots of sleep. I love slow weekends!
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Weekend Story: More Christmas Shopping + Trip to Our Lady of Manaoag

Last weekend was spent with family and friends. The hubby and I went home in Bacoor on Friday night and got back to Manila on Saturday night, meeting up with my in-laws at Robinsons Place Ermita for dinner and doing more Christmas shopping. On Sunday, we, along with our good friend Carmela and my superfriend Nice traveled to Pangasinan to pay a visit to the Our Lady of Manaoag. It’s now a yearly thing for us, a tradition of sorts.

Here are some things that made our weekend:

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Weekend Story: Happy Together and with Family and Friends

Last weekend started and ended just right for the hubby and me. On Friday night, we met up with the hubby’s high school barkada who are now part of my circle of friends as well. We hung out at Borderline Food Park (BFP) in Mandaluyong City. The place was teeming with youthful vibe that, for a few hours of chatter and laughter, we felt like we were in our 20’s. If you are in the mood for food or want some clean fun with cool music, then this is the place to go.

borderline crowd
the crowd at BFP
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S&R Members’ Treat

For this year, the first S&R Members’ Treat happened from March 13 to 17. It was five days full of shopping for goods that were heavily discounted, some of them even on a buy one, take one promo. We got to visit last Friday night at the Aseana-Baclaran branch on our way home to Cavite. With our limited money, we only bought a few items.


As we have expected, the place was jampacked with people and the lines to the cashier were exaggeratedly long. Haha. We did the smart thing by queuing up while we alternately looked for what we wanted to buy. Among the items we took home, this was what I liked best:

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New S&R Members

An S&R membership here in Manila is valued at P700 for a year. Renewal is priced the same. The hubby and I have finally signed up. What we have are a primary ID and a supplementary one which we just got for P100 instead of P400 upon showing my BDO credit card. Yes, they had a promo that time.

our membership IDs

Excited to use our S&R IDs, we immediately entered the warehouse and bought some stuff that we could afford. Looking at the patrons inside, one could easily tell which class they belong to. I saw a lot of rich people carrying big carts filled to the brim and for a few minutes, I tried acting like one of them but failed. Haha. Just kidding. Seriously, rich or poor, so long as you have P700 to spare for a membership ID, you can enter S&R. And if you just wanna try their American-sized snacks, just avail of the free day pass.

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