Weekend Story: Happy Together and with Family and Friends

Last weekend started and ended just right for the hubby and me. On Friday night, we met up with the hubby’s high school barkada who are now part of my circle of friends as well. We hung out at Borderline Food Park (BFP) in Mandaluyong City. The place was teeming with youthful vibe that, for a few hours of chatter and laughter, we felt like we were in our 20’s. If you are in the mood for food or want some clean fun with cool music, then this is the place to go.

borderline crowd
the crowd at BFP

borderline food
some of the food we tried at BFP

borderline food park
our group

We went to Bacoor on Saturday night with a stop over at S&R Baclaran. We would then spend most of our Sunday at home just bumming around and doing some household stuff. We had lots of quiet time and rest and we loved it.

lumpiang Shanghai
lumpiang SHanghai (a.k.a. one of my fave ulams!)

balconi mini tiramisu from SnR
newest S&R find!

dragon fruit
weekend fruit craving

We drove back to Manila on Sunday night and took my PILs to dinner at Flavours of China SM Manila for some delish but affordable Chinese food. Their unlimited yang chow promo was still on and we availed of that plus a few more dishes. My FIL particularly liked their sweet and sour pork which was a big deal because he’s our resident food critic and the dish is one of his favorites. Haha.

parents in law
my PILs’ happy faces

Happy Monday, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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