Prepare to Get Hooked on Precious Hearts Romances Presents ‘Kristine’

I used to be a fan of telenovelas (my favorites are fantaseryes!) but due to my hectic work schedule, I don’t have much time to get hooked on any of them anymore. Plus, the ones I see on TV these days are not that compelling or maybe, I find the plot too predictable and my curiosity isn’t at all piqued. That was the case until I saw the pilot episode of Precious Hearts Romances Presents ‘Kristine’ at the Kapamilya network last Monday.

Cristine Reyes stars in PHR Presents 'Krstine'

I’m happy ABS-CBN thought of this new program. Apparently, Kristine is one among the many pocketbook series authored by Martha Cecilia who happens to be a great novelist. The story line of Kristine alone excites me. It’s about two warring clans and the love that keeps binding them together.

I’m not a big fan of the four lead stars (except for Zanjoe Marudo whom I find hot!) but their characters are quite lovable. And I dunno but somehow Kristine reminds me of my addiction to Tagalog romance pocketbooks during the summers of my high school years.

I remember I’d borrow each and every title from the pocketbook collection of my ninang (godmother) and spend my summer vacation reading one to three pocketbooks in one sitting. My golly, I was that addicted to them.

I also remember my favorite Tagalog romance pocketbook authors then were Gilda Olvidado, Helen Meriz, Ma. Elena Cruz and Martha Cecilia, among others. I can say reading Pinoy pocketbooks formed part of my carefree days as a high school student. When I went to college, I got introduced to books and the internet which made me forgot about my pocketbook indulgence.

If you’re fond of telenovelas, go and watch Kristine. You might like it, too.

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