Globe Upgrade: My Fully Loaded Plan 499

Four months ago, I had finally decided to be a Globe postpaid subscriber after having been a prepaid subscriber for years. I chose Globe’s My Super Plan 349 which gave me unlimited text to Globe/TM monthly. I noticed that I was consuming more than the one-time charge of P349 and so I opted to get an upgrade. (Any Globe postpaid subscriber can do this.)

I am supposed to be a My Fully Loaded Plan 499 subscriber effective today. That was what the Globe Customer Service representative I talked with on the phone last night told me. I’m taking his word seriously.

So, what’s in the package? As a new My Fully Loaded Plan 499 subscriber, I will get P499 worth of consumable load credits plus two freebies. I chose two A’s which translated to double of this — 200 SMS and 10 minutes call to Globe/TM. Hmmm, sounds good to me. At least now I’ll have load credits to use for my friends subscribed to other networks without worrying that I’d go beyond my monthly load budget.

Here’s how you subscribe to Globe’s My Fully Loaded Plan:

Step 1. Pick a Plan.

My Tip: Decide based on your budget.

Plan 299 – Php299 consumable per month
Plan 499 – Php499 consumable per month
Plan 999 – Php999 consumable per month
Plan 1799 – Php1799 consumable per month
Plan 2499 – Php2499 consumable per month
Plan 3799 – Php3799 consumable per month

Step 2. Pick a Monthly Freebie.

My Tip: Be informed that there are six freebies to choose from (A to E). Pick according to the plan you subscribed to and more importantly, based on your needs.

Plan 299 – Pick 1 Freebies between A to D
Plan 499 – Pick 2 Freebies between A to D
Plan 999 – Pick 3 Freebies between A to E
Plan 1799 – Pick 5 Freebies between A to E
Plan 2499 – Pick 7 Freebies between A to E
Plan 3799 – Pick 9 Freebies between A to E (or get F only)

A. Free Calls (10 minutes) and Free SMS (200) to Globe/TM number.
B. Free Calls (5 minutes) and Free SMS (25) to other Networks
C. Free IDD Calls (20 minutes) and Free SMS (10) to 10 countries*
D. Free Mobile Internet Surfing (3 hours)
E. Free Super One Unlimited Call & Text to 1 Globe/TM Number
F. Free Super Surf

Easy, ayt? You can even change plans monthly thru Globe Customer Service. Just don’t forget to make a follow up on your request as their service can be really slow at times.

14 Replies to “Globe Upgrade: My Fully Loaded Plan 499”

      1. can you subscribe to unlimited text offers like unlitxt20, unlitxt20, and unlitxt80 using your monthly consumable?

        and what if you already use all the 499, can you still use the auto load services?

        1. yes, i believe so unless otherwise specified on the promo details. but i haven’t tried it yet. i’m usually content with what’s included in my plan.

  1. I just received my first bill from Globe today. I was just wondering how come I had to pay an additional fee for texting when, considering that I also chose freebie A (200 free texts & 10 min free call), it couldn’t be possible for me to exceed my consumable amount. The thing is, I subscribed to Plan 299. As my billing cut-off date was on the 23rd and I was only enrolled by the 16th, I only had P70 of consumable credits. Anyway, according to my bill, my total number of texts for this month was 211. Considering the fact that I’m supposed to have 200 free texts to Globe/TM and 65% of my contacts are from Globe/TM, I wasn’t truly expecting to pay any additional fees. What happened then? Is it possible that they did not credit the freebie? Thanks.

    1. please check your bill first, it’s all there –the number of texts you made and to which networks, the charge for them less the consumable credits, etc. if you still think there’s something wrong with your bill, i suggest you get in touch with Globe Customer Service ASAP. but…good luck! once they charged me double for one billing cycle and when i requested for refund/rebate from Globe Customer Service, it took them months to act on it. make sure you also get a report ticket/incident report no. from the CSR you’ll be talking to.

  2. Hi I was just wondering if there was a way to know how much of the freebies or the 499 consumable load you’ve already used? I have a hard time keeping track of how many messages I’ve sent or minutes for calls I’ve used.

    1. So far, I think there’s no other way but to call customer service and ask them what’s left in your consumable load. But I haven’t tried that yet. I do it manually. I keep track of my messages using my SENT message folder and for the calls, I look at my Call setting. This has been effective to me as my Globe bill has not gotten beyond P600 yet.

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