My First Birthday Trip

Right now, I’m excited about two things: our upcoming house move and my first birthday trip. I’m more excited about the latter, just because this is the first time I will be out of town on my birthday. Actually, it’s we, not I.

The boyfriend and I decided to celebrate our birthdays (which are only one week apart) in Boracay. We’ll be there second week of October and that’s barely two weeks from now. I have spent my afternoon today browsing the internet for tips on what food/sights/activities to try and experience in one of the best beaches in the world. (Proud to be Filipino, ehem.)

My research proved to be bountiful. I found plenty of blogs sharing their ultimate Boracay experience, from the hotel where they stayed to the last food they put into their mouth before leaving for the airport to go back home. The comprehensive choices were overwhelming. What I did was I wrote down only those which I thought interesting and would interest the boyfriend as well. But it’s not to say I’m too confident I know him well, it’s just that I know what he wants 90% of the time. Haha.

We opted not to make any itineraries for our Boracay trip. We want our stay to be as spontaneous as it can be. I just made a short list of the different food we will sample for the duration of our stay in the island. It’s three nights and four days, baby.

This trip is going to be fun, fun, fun. I can’t wait. 🙂

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