Movie Buff Alert: Star Movies Movie Marathon Promo

I’m a self-confessed movie buff. But unlike others who frequent the cinema house for their regular movie fix, I watch movies online. It’s the most practical choice, ever. But I have to wait a while before getting my hands on new movies as it takes some time before some good soul uploads them for every netizen to enjoy. And unlike others who download movies first before seeing them, I watch mine on site after the buffering has finished.

Speaking of movies, I am definitely trying my luck on Star Movies Movie Marathon promo! Get the details courtesy of after the jump:

On Nov. 9, 100 lucky viewers will have a chance to join the Star Movies Movie Marathon at the Resorts World Manila. Avid moviegoers will enjoy a whole day of movies and battle each other at the longest movie marathon ever. The last one in the theater will conquer the movie event and win P100,000.

To join, tune in to Star Movies everyday from Sept. 24 to Nov. 5. You have to catch the brand bug of a popcorn tub which will be appearing on your TV screens 12 times a day. Once you see it, take note of the movie that was showing when it came out, the time, and date. Send your answers together with your name and contact details to [email protected].

Every week, 20 contestants will be drawn and get a chance to participate in the Star Movies Movie Marathon.

Much as I want to watch as many movies as I can in a day, I can’t. I am limited by time. I can only do movie marathon at night and during weekends. That is, if I don’t have work at my part-time job. That’s why I keep a list of movies I want to watch and write them down based on priorities. This way I don’t get confused with all the movies that keep coming my way.

If you’re a movie buff like me and would like to do a group movie marathon on November 9, this is your chance! If you get lucky, you might even bring home the cash prize after enjoying your favorite movies for free. 🙂

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