Thanksgiving Dinner and My Surplus Haul

Office work has been pretty slack the past weeks. When the clock struck five, my officemates and I finally pushed thru our plan to eat at Sincerity Café and Restaurant. I call it our second Binondo food trip because the branch we visited was located in the said place. Actually, it was sort of a thanksgiving dinner for our having kept our jobs following the change in administration that had taken place in June.

After having a fantastic dinner at the restaurant, the boyfriend and I went straight to SM Manila. He bought a new Samsung phone with dual sim capability while I did some impulsive shopping at Surplus. I was proud of myself because I saw a lot of nice items but stuck to the essentials. By essentials, I meant a cream cardigan, a white tank top and a pair of funky sneakers.

I fell in love with the cardigan at first sight because it fit me well and it had those large white buttons that make it look very casual. As for the tank top, I bought it because it was long enough to cover my navel. I also imagined it to be good on shorts and as undershirt for my boleros. I paid less than P500 for the two. Talk about bargains!

The pair of shoes, on the other hand, was on special offer at just P199.75. It comes in eight colors, mind you, and students love them very much that they bought most of the stocks according to one of the sales clerks. I used the points from my SM Advantage card to purchase it. Cool. My younger sisters who are college students loved it. Unfortunately for them, it’s mine. Haha.

That’s it, just another day in the life of a Manila yuppie.

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