Goal No. 6: Think Positive

They say when you’re heart is filled with worries, you should think about positive thoughts. This way, positive energy will get in and balance out the negative energy in your system. I know I am surrounded with well-wishers, people like my loved ones and my true friends who support me in whatever I do and think about getting for myself. But sometimes, things can get scary like when suddenly you become clueless of what the outcome of something will be.

I can be very pessimistic. This year, I plan to get rid of this negative trait. I will work on becoming a positive thinker. I know this is quite hard especially for someone who’s been a negative thinker most of her life but what the heck, there’s no harm in trying. I better start now or remain like this forever.

Prayers and more prayers are my top defense to my pessimistic nature. I can be prayerful when I want to. Over the years, my relationship with God has been strong. I just don’t get it why my faith betrays me on occasions. This goal of thinking positively seems to be one that’s easy to accomplish. I just have to have faith in myself and more so, in God.

Happy positive thinking to me!

2 Replies to “Goal No. 6: Think Positive”

  1. you know edel, what i like about your blog is the sincerity of your posts. And madami akong natututunan like saving money at pag iwas sa unnessary spending. You know me na din kahit unti sa mga blog posts ko and i’m a worrier, too. It helps na makakita ng mga bloggers and reading something na totoo yung mga kinkwento at nagbibigay ng mga tips lalo na sa mga moments na kailangan ng payo.

    Totoo, dapat think positive and pray lang palagi. Thanks for always inspiring me with your blog posts, edel. =)

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Joy! Madami rin ako natututunan sa iyo, bilang mommy blogger ka, na alam kong magagamit ko kapag naging mommy ulit ako. At siyempre bukod doon, marami pang iba about life. Salamat din sa’yo! Yes, positivity and more prayers lang ang need natin sa araw-araw. 🙂

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