Lucky Tuesday

March 22 was a milestone for our office as it commemorated its 114th Anniversary. The day, which fell on a Tuesday, was filled with activities to add color to the celebration. It has been a tradition of sorts. First was a fun run where hundreds of employees participated in. Then there were Pinoy games in the afternoon. Though I wasn’t there, I knew it had been exciting and fun. To make things better, we also received free breakfast and snacks.

But nothing beat the joy derived from the anniversary bonus we got. Don’t ask for the exact amount as it wasn’t big. It’s not even given yearly. Let’s just say it was enough to get me some accessories, my siblings some chocolates, my mom a new pair of eye glasses and my dad, some natural hair loss treatment (I think he’s hairline is thinning). Haha, the joy money buys! I bet all employees in our office went home feeling lucky, albeit a bit exhausted from the activities they joined in.

It was a lucky Tuesday, indeed.

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  1. wow, new site! congrats!

    aba, galante din pala si PNoy? saan kaya ang outing nyo? I’m curious… 🙂

    thanks for the visit yesterday. I’ll go back and read your earlier posts.
    keep on blogging!

    1. haha, galante kung na-approve yung 5k. kaso hindi. summer outing ba? parang wala naman.hehe. thanks also for visiting me here. 🙂

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