10 Things I am Thankful for

Every day is a blessing. The moment we wake up is a blessing as it means we are still breathing and yes, very much alive. At times when I feel blue, I think of the many things that I should be thankful for. Today is a great day for me. I’m definitely not feeling blue. But somehow, I feel like thinking about a lot of things that I’m grateful for. There are so many of them so I’ll just stick with the things that I’m really very thankful for this week. Ten things.

1. a new job for my brother (he had his first day at work last Monday)
2. a new refrigerator for mom, for our Cavite home (purchased yesterday)
3. a full version of Fruit Ninja for my iPod Touch 4G (purchased last Tuesday)
3. several fun blog events that I had the pleasure of attending this week
4. a generally healthy body
5. having spent some quality time with the boyfriend and his family
6. having seen my parents last Friday
7. lotsa food to eat and enjoy
8. productive blogging
9. priceless bonding time with my two siblings nightly
10. love from people around me

Thanksgiving is fun. Try it today and make it a daily, weekly or monthly habit.

I just did. 🙂

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