On Food and Food Trips

If there’s one thing I love doing the most aside from sleeping, that would be eating. I find joy in eating. I find pleasure in the company of food. I get a sense of freedom just by tasting various dishes. I remember I used to eat a lot when I was growing up. Now that I’m a grown up, I know I can’t eat a lot anymore. My metabolism is slower now which means I gain pounds easily. But that doesn’t stop me from appreciating good food, whether using my own money or thru food treats I get from friends every now and then.

You can say that I also love food trips, too. Travel plus food equals happiness in my book. When I say food trip, the food doesn’t have to be expensive and the trip doesn’t have to be far, either. It could be anywhere, so long as my feet and my tummy can take me there. My two recent memorable food trips (King Chef Fine Dining and Casa Roces), for instance, took place in the metro. When it comes to good food, I’m always ready to go.

My food blog is a testament to how much I love food. It is where I document my food trips. I’m writing about my food adventures, both good and bad, because I want my future children and grandchildren to know that eating is one of life’s indulgences and I have had my fair share of it. There are times, though, that I forget to blog about my food trips simply because I get too lazy to write. But that’s okay. As long as live and can eat, my love affair with food will continue and I can have all the time in the world to write down all about them.

Do you also find joy in eating?

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  1. I love food! Though I’m quite picky with food, I refuse to go on a diet because there is nothing like the sheer joy of eating.

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