The Influx of Koreans in Manila

Last night at the resto, we had one big group of culinary students as guests. If I’m not mistaken, one third of them were Koreans. I happened to serve them during dinner and they were a cool bunch. A little noisier than usual, but they were generally nice.

It’s funny because right after work, I immediately resumed watching my fave Korean drama. From Korean to another Korean, haha. I would have wanted to finish one more episode but our internet connection suddenly acted up. I also wasn’t able to finish the movie I’ve long wanted to watch because of that. Which made me thought about getting analog digital online, just so I could have more choices (when it comes to Korean dramas and Hollywood movies) and better viewing experience.

I dunno when the influx of Koreans in Manila started but whenever that was, the phenomenon surely added life and color to Philippine society. I like the fact that they get to help our ailing tourism industry by staying here (as mere tourists or as English students). I also like that we now have more Korean KTV bars, convenience stores and restaurants because of them. It only makes our city more tourist-friendly. It also shows that we Pinoys are really a warm and hospitable people.

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