Shopping Ban = Fail

My efforts to not shop until December 1 was a big fail. I rang the shopping alarm last Friday when I took a leave from work to finish some errands. I happened to pass through the Landmark Department Store in Makati and it instantly became the venue of the crime. What made the matter worse was the fact that I was with my mother that time. We actually shopped together!

One can never say no to a smart, funny, loving, caring and persuasive mother. Or so I found out. It was just impossible not to give in to the wonderful things my mom was saying about those clothes and accessories. It was like she custom-made all of those items for me and what I only needed to do was buy and take them home. So off the good daughter approached the payment counter and bought them all. She even paid for the stuff her mom wanted for herself. Haha.

I may have failed in keeping myself from shopping, but I don’t regret it. My shopping moments with mom were priceless. It’s not every day that I get to take her out on a date (a shopping date at that!). Seeing her having a great time browsing through racks after racks of clothes brought me happiness and a sense of gratitude. I thank God every day for giving me a mom as cool and loving as her.

And did I mention that my purchases are all awesome? And they’re not just luxuries, they are necessities. Like the new travel outfits for my upcoming trip abroad. Or the new office attires that are sure to add spice to my stuck-in-the-four-corners-of-the-office kind of job. Not to mention the fact that I got them all at dirt-cheap prices. Landmark Makati is really the place for budget shopping! I love it to the bones.

I therefore conclude that failing on something doesn’t always have to end on a sad note.

Happy Monday, everyone! 🙂

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