A Mini-Reunion

It’s sad that in our little clan, we only get to see everybody during two occasions: weddings and funerals. My aunt (on my father’s side) died of heart attack yesterday morning. Along with the fiancee, my parents and my brother D, I visited her wake in Loyola Commonwealth last night. Her remains are gonna stay there for two days before being transported to Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija for the burial.

At the wake, I saw a lot of my relatives whom I had not seen for so long. We chatted the night away sharing family stories and reminiscing old times. I felt good and relaxed. I wish we could meet up more often. I understand that we’re all leading busy lives. But still, we should make time for small gatherings and reunions. Life is too short and unsure that making the most of these events are a must.

When was the last time you met up with your relatives?

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