Goodbye, Tita Lolit!

Another sad news has arrived. My aunt, who is my father’s older sister, died of heart attack yesterday. It was a swift death, and somehow I am thankful. She was a good person, and I’d like to think God didn’t want her to suffer long.

I am reminded of the few occasions I shared with her. She was always with a beaming smile. She would always ask about my well-being and I would always tell her that I was just fine. Though we’ve never had any serious conversation, I knew in my heart that she cared for me.

I am also reminded of her humble origins. Among their brood of ten (yes, my father has nine siblings all in all!), she was one of the three girls who started their own families too early. And so, she was struggling in life then. But she didn’t give up.

She and her husband worked together (she was a sewer and he was a tailor) to send their children to school. When one of their children graduated from college and landed a competitive job abroad, their lives started to change for the better. Now all of their children are professionals and have their own families already. All of them are now enjoying a good life.

So, I guess wherever she may be now, she’s happy. She’s happy that she left this world with her family in a better and more secure place.

Today I pray for the repose of your soul, Tita. I will surely miss you! I know you’re in God’s care, now. I am comforted by that very thought.

Please say hi to Tatay and Inang in heaven for me.

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