Food Trip Plans

If there’s one thing that’s a good conversation starter, it would be food. Don’t you just get amazed how people instantly create a connection simply by talking about the common food they like or the specific food they tasted somewhere? Food as a topic never ceases to draw attention, inspire, and even tickle our senses.

Do you eat to live or you live to eat? This is one question that gets to be asked to many people. I think I’m more of the latter. I enjoy eating food, discovering new dining places, trying out new dishes and exploring new cuisines. Sometimes I even research about a particular cuisine to better understand its characteristics, distinctive flavors and natural tastes.

I also enjoy going on food trips. For our travel this weekend, I want to try the food the two foreign cities we’re visiting are known for. We’ll do this by eating at their hawker centers. In Kuala Lumpur, I’d like to try their authentic Nasi Lemak (heard it’s their national dish!), Ais Batu Kacang and Char Kuey Teow. In Singapore, I want to try their authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice (also their national dish), Roti Prata and their popular one-dollar ice cream sold on the streets.

Do you know of other food the two cities mentioned above are famous for? 🙂

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