Full Body Massage, Anyone?

Part of our overnight stay at a hotel here in Tagaytay is the complimentary one-hour full body massage. The fiancee and I had ours a few hours ago and we enjoyed it a lot. Personally, I just heart massages. If I were rich, I would get a massage twice or thrice a week.

Massages are good for the body and with the fast-faced life we lead, it would certainly make a big difference if we slow down once in a while and relax our tired muscles by getting a a good massage from a good masseur. By the way, the masseurs who gave us complimentary full body massage were really good at what they do. I regretted getting their contact numbers for home service purposes.

Hmmm, it looks like I’ll be getting a good night’s sleep anytime soon. Oh, thank God for massages (and good masseurs)! 🙂

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