From Tagaytay and Back

Our Tagaytay weekend was a blast. Short but sweet. Finally, I’ve seen The Cliffhouse and even dined in one of its restaurants, Cafe Platito. Our overnight stay at Las Ventanas was quiet and serene. I loved the complimentary dinner, breakfast and full body massage they gave us. I am definitely writing about my pleasant Las Ventanas Tagaytay experience in my travel blog.

From Las Ventanas, we visited the Pink Sisters Chapel to say a little prayer. And then we headed to Mushroomburger for lunch. We were surprised to see this fast food resto filled with people. Did I mention they serve good-tasting mushroomburgers at very affordable prices?

Before we went home, we also stopped over at Edwin’s house in Bacoor. I like the quiet environment there to water his plants. Haha. Soon his house will be our home and I can’t wait to decorate it, especially for the holidays. I particularly love decorating for Christmas! We may not have snow here in the Philippines and we may never experience a white Christmas nor shopping for our own ski and ski rack as part of our winter essentials, but I’m sure it will be as fun.

Now that I’m back from Tagaytay, I wanna rest some more before reporting for work in the restaurant tonight. I heard we have a lot of guests coming over for dinner. It’s gonna be a long night, but I’m not complaining.

I heart weekends! More so if it’s 100% play and rest and no work whatsoever. 🙂

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