New Cars Everywhere

It’s a known fact. Despite what your Economics teacher has told you, cars are no longer considered a luxury but a necessity, an asset instead of a liability. Sure, its market value depreciates the moment you drive it out from the auto shop, but the convenience and safety it brings (and the prestige that comes with it) will forever make you grateful. That’s especially true if you’re a frequent land traveler and love long road trips.

The fiancee and I were having a car conversation the other day. He shared with me that more and more of his officemates were buying a car. While some go for the brand new ones, others prefer the pre-owned kind for economical reasons.

Have I ever mentioned in this blog how much the fiancee is into cars? I guess, not yet. Well, he can be considered as a car enthusiast already. He loves to read online forums on cars and car reviews from car users from all over the world. Also, he’s been fond of buying new car accessories ever since he bought his first car, a Nissan Sentra 2010 model.

Actually, he dreams to own an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) someday. For sure, he’ll be very busy again reading atv reviews and searching for the best rzr parts if in case he wanted to upgrade to a Polaris by then. Haha. Why not? I’m very much willing to accompany him on his road trips.

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