Weekend Story: MIAS 2016 + Biking in Alabang + Decluttering at Home

As the title suggests, those three things were the highlights of last weekend for the hubby and me. They got us preoccupied and happy and before we knew it, the weekend was over and a new work week has arrived.

MIAS 2016

The hubby is fascinated with cars. Well, actually, most men are. He didn’t wanna miss the Manila International Auto Show happening from April 7-10, 2016 at the World Trade Center so he planned our Saturday well and included going there in it. While I am a supportive wife, I also try to negotiate for my personal gain. This time, it was a dinner at the resto of my choosing and a couple of minutes of (window) shopping at the nearby Mall of Asia (MOA). So, we had a deal and we were both happy. Haha.

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On Boys and Cars

The hubby is so much into cars. He said it started when he was still a little boy. His dad, my FIL, is a family driver to an old-rich family and so he got exposed to different cars (mostly high-end models) at an early age. When he felt he could already afford a car of his own, he pushed for it in 2011 and so he now drives his own car (which I get to drive, too!).

Aside from reading about cars online and listening to car/tech podcasts, the hubby collects Top Gear magazines. Acquiring car knowledge is his only vice (and gadgets, too!) as he doesn’t smoke nor drink. Right now, he’s curious about kmc wheels and other car accessories. Oh, boys and their fascination with cars!

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New Cars Everywhere

It’s a known fact. Despite what your Economics teacher has told you, cars are no longer considered a luxury but a necessity, an asset instead of a liability. Sure, its market value depreciates the moment you drive it out from the auto shop, but the convenience and safety it brings (and the prestige that comes with it) will forever make you grateful. That’s especially true if you’re a frequent land traveler and love long road trips.

The fiancee and I were having a car conversation the other day. He shared with me that more and more of his officemates were buying a car. While some go for the brand new ones, others prefer the pre-owned kind for economical reasons.

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A New Car, Baby!

No, it’s not mine but I have every reason to be happy about the boyfriend’s recent purchase of a brand new car. It’s a Nissan Sentra, 2008 model. The color is steel gray and I love how it looks cool on the eyes. Yesterday, the boyfriend picked me up in the office using it. We were both ecstatic. We never thought 2011 will be this comfortable and convenient for us, transportation wise.

our new car with the boyfriend’s mom

Of course, the happiness is felt by the two families (his and mine). It’s gonna be our service vehicle because we share things together and we treat each other as family already. Haha. Now I’m wondering what the next step will be. Oooooops, not what most of you might be thinking right now but we’re going to that part in the near future.

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