Two Pounds in One Week

As days go by, I have observed that losing weight becomes harder and harder. If before, I could lose two pounds overnight, now I can only do the same in a span of one week. It really seems that as we age, our metabolism slows down to a very depressing pace. And if you’re like me who live a sedentary life, the more you should expect it to happen naturally. What I do to maximize my weight loss is help my metabolism do its thing faster thru natural means such as drinking more water and adding more fiber in my diet.

this little surprise made my day!

You could imagine my happiness when I came home two days ago and found this package waiting for me. It’s C-Lium fibre and some A!Life products that help one’s posture and guess what, weight loss capabilities! It’s just what I need! As you know, I need all the help I can get to continue with my weight loss journey. It seems I don’t have to buy appetite suppressants yet. These should do for now and perhaps if they’re effective, I’ll stick to them for good. Haha.

I just love it when the universe is conspiring to see me in a better shape! 🙂

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