Weight Loss Update: 4 Lbs. To Go!

From 130 lbs. which is my wedding day and pre-pregnancy weight, to 167 lbs. (my biggest during pregnancy) and 147 lbs. (post-pregnancy weight), I’m now down to 122 lbs. I can’t wait to fit in my small clothes again. Soon I’ll reach my target weight of 118 lbs. and perhaps if I’ll try harder, my ideal weight of 115 (which I think suits my 5’4″ built well). It seems my “very-little-rice diet” is working for me. Haha.

There’s also something I discovered last weekend. Eating less + more movement = more burned calories. I know it’s a given. I even read about it from a fitness book before. It’s something you and I already know. But let me tell you that it becomes more real when you actually see the results.

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Back at 130!

When I hit the scale with an empty stomach this morning, I was happy to find out that I weigh 130 lbs. The last time I was 130 was two years ago and I wrote about it here. Coincidentally, it was also September then.

What’s the big deal with 130 lbs, you might ask. Well, for one, it’s my lowest recorded weight ever since I started monitoring my weight on a daily basis in January 2013. Back then, my weight was playing around 150 to 160 lbs. because I had just given birth to a baby boy who’s now an angel in heaven. Another thing, 130 is my pre-pregnancy weight and my weight on my wedding day (March 17, 2012).

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Dieting Blues

The past weeks have been quite gloomy for me when it comes to dieting. My weight has been stuck at this particular measurement that not’s worth mentioning. It would change one or two pounds lower one day, but would go back to the old measurement the next day. Bummer. I complained about this to a friend and she said I’m still lucky I don’t gain weight continuously. My weight just changes a little and then goes back, and that’s it.

I had recently devised a plan of going into serious diet mode during the weekends but it didn’t work. I almost always ended up overeating during the weekends. Good for my husband, but bad for me. Or should I say, the plan was bad in the first place? I forgot to consider the fact that weekends are the only time I get to cook, and that whenever I’m cooking, my appetite instantly gets awakened.

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Two Pounds in One Week

As days go by, I have observed that losing weight becomes harder and harder. If before, I could lose two pounds overnight, now I can only do the same in a span of one week. It really seems that as we age, our metabolism slows down to a very depressing pace. And if you’re like me who live a sedentary life, the more you should expect it to happen naturally. What I do to maximize my weight loss is help my metabolism do its thing faster thru natural means such as drinking more water and adding more fiber in my diet.

this little surprise made my day!

You could imagine my happiness when I came home two days ago and found this package waiting for me. It’s C-Lium fibre and some A!Life products that help one’s posture and guess what, weight loss capabilities! It’s just what I need! As you know, I need all the help I can get to continue with my weight loss journey. It seems I don’t have to buy appetite suppressants yet. These should do for now and perhaps if they’re effective, I’ll stick to them for good. Haha.

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Weight Loss Update: Happy at 130!

It’s been two months and 19 days since I started my new weight loss journey and I’m happy to report that I have already lost 8 lbs. It’s a slow but sure progress and I wouldn’t ask for it any other way. Currently, I weigh 130 lbs. This is a big achievement for me because I really wanna reach my ideal weight of 115 lbs. before the year ends.

Don’t ask me about my dietary habits because I don’t follow a particular diet plan. I just watch and record what I eat. I don’t even have the time or the drive to exercise. I live a sedentary life. As an office girl, I sit in front of the computer all throughout the day. But if you’re really insistent, I’d like to recommend the Ketogenic diet as I wanna try it soon. I heard even those with Sous Chef Jobs that have the tendency to overeat because they’re always in front of food lose weight with the help of this diet plan. Just google it to find out how it really works.

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Disciplined Eating

Once again, I have started to get serious about my weight loss. I tried disciplined eating last weekend and it seemed to have worked. I lost a pound in two days. I plan to continue this and hope to see greater results this week.

What is disciplined eating? I define it as watching what I eat and adhering to a diet plan strictly. The process entails a lot of discipline and hence, the name. I dunno but I just woke up one day and told myself that I need to get back into shape. I want to go back to the body that I’m comfortable with.

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