Back at 130!

When I hit the scale with an empty stomach this morning, I was happy to find out that I weigh 130 lbs. The last time I was 130 was two years ago and I wrote about it here. Coincidentally, it was also September then.

What’s the big deal with 130 lbs, you might ask. Well, for one, it’s my lowest recorded weight ever since I started monitoring my weight on a daily basis in January 2013. Back then, my weight was playing around 150 to 160 lbs. because I had just given birth to a baby boy who’s now an angel in heaven. Another thing, 130 is my pre-pregnancy weight and my weight on my wedding day (March 17, 2012).

Being at 130 today feels like a milestone to me. I hope it continues to go down so I could finally achieve my target weight of 120 lbs and if I get lucky, my ideal weight of 115 lbs. Gosh, I’m just 10 and 15 pounds away from them, respectively. But then, I know it’s still gonna be a big challenge for me because as I’ve mentioned in this post, my weight is like atras, abante (backward, forward). One week it’s gone lower, the next week it’s gone back to the old weight again.

But you know, I’m more determined to lose weight now. And this little achievement will only serve to reinforce my faith in myself, in my capacity to make change possible. So yeah, wish me luck again! 🙂

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