Yet Another Sad News

Two weeks after the passing of my Tita Lolit, we received yet another sad news from a cousin last night. Another sister of my father has died from stroke complications. She had been bed-ridden for months before breathing her last yesterday afternoon at the confines of her house in Muñoz City, Nueva Ecija. We are grieving at the moment because this happened to be a double blow in our clan.

Death is inevitable. You never know when it will strike you or someone you love. Sabi nga nila, una-una lang yan. Death may come fast and leave faster, but the pain and sorrow it brings can last years and for some, even a lifetime. I feel for the family of my Tita Bebe. I can’t imagine losing my parents myself. Though I don’t have too many memories of my aunt, her passing still saddens me.

I hope and pray no more deaths will come to our clan this year. Two should be enough for now. To my dearest aunt who’s finally pain-free and peaceful today, we pray for the repose of your soul and we pray for your pleasant journey to heaven to meet our Almighty Father, the angels and all our departed loved ones there.

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